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Call Routing

Vanity 800 Toll-Free’s service provider TeleSmart®, offers a wide range of telephonic solutions from their scalable, bullet-proof Class III redundant network. Let’s start with an outline of the basic and mostly FREE Call Routing services.

Basic Call Routing Services

All calls placed to your Vanity 800 Toll-Free number from within your exclusive area codes will be instantly re-routed to the “ring-to” target number(s) of your choice. For example: (a.) your local office number 9 - 5, (b.) your cell phone in the evenings or weekends, or (c.) the phone numbers of your Sales Representatives. No additional phone equipment or upgrades are needed! We can split inbound calls rotationally amongst your sales representatives, or, in the densely populated metro areas, we can even re-route calls by Counties, Zip Codes or the splitting of the 3-Digit Prefixes within your area codes! Nominal additional charges may apply for these re-routing services.

Enhanced Call Routing through Telesmart’s SmartECR™

TeleSmart® SmartECRTM is a telephone network product that routes calls to customer locations based on data such as Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), Automatic Number Identification (ANI) or caller-input Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) telephone keypad entries. The routing is developed on TeleSmart’s proprietary IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform.   

TeleSmart® can have separate routing criteria for Predictive Dialing (PD), Outbound Interactive Communication (IC), and Inbound calls. Multiple agent groups can be created. These agent groups can be assigned to multiple routing queues. Each routing queue can have its own routing logic such as multiple agent groups, different wait times for each group, escalating priority for each group, etc. Specific follow-up actions can be assigned to each routing queue, such as: How calls will be handled when routing queues are full; no agents associated to a routing queue are connected; the maximum wait time has been exceeded; and the qualifying queue is not within serviceable hours. These follow-up actions can include: Disconnect with an appropriate message; message to continue to wait; transfer to an IC dialogue; or, transfer to a secondary PBX type hunt group outside of TeleSmart’s Center. TeleSmart’s enhanced call routing is extremely flexible and can be customized to fit the needs of each customer.

Let’s get started! Call us today so we can discuss your Call Routing needs: 1-888-PRO-MKTG (1-888-776-6584). Or, simply click here to fill out our short Contact Us form and we’ll call you back right away. Thanks!


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