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High impact vanity 800, 888, 877 and 866 numbers attract new customers! Seen or heard just once, these numbers can be remembered for a lifetime. Exclusively license a power number for your local market. It’s surprisingly affordable! Level the playing field with Fortune 500 giants such as 1-800-GO-FED-EX, 1-888-ALLSTATE, 1-877-MY-EXXON and 1-866-SBC-DIAL. Provide your clients and prospects with a 1-800 toll-free vanity number they’ll never forget. Then watch your sales take off. You’ll be perceived as “bigger,” “better established,” and providers of “superior customer service.”

Local Marketing Using a Vanity 800Toll-Free Number  

Your local marketing will be much more effective when you advertise with a vanity 1-800 number. Research proves* that caller response rates are 14 times greater when advertising with a vanity 800 number rather than an ordinary numeric number. In TV advertising, 64% of advertisers use 800 toll-free vanity numbers and 90%+ use them in super bowl ads. The usage of vanity numbers is ever increasing! (*ICB Toll Free News)
Call Routing

Take a look at all our cool real-time Call Routing, Call Tracking, Call Reporting and Call Recording tools under the Services & Benefits tab above. These greatly enhance our vanity 800 services. Our scalable, bullet-proof Class III redundant network at TeleSmart® provides unparalleled accuracy, reliability and powerful reporting…at substantially less cost.

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